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    Learning About The Social Issues Of COVID-19

    The recent coronavirus outbreak has had extensive effects beyond the health sector. Many other social issues have arisen as a result of the pandemic, challenging the communities and governments involved. Learning about these problems is the first step to finding solutions. As citizens, let’s take a look at what these concerns are: Psychology And Mental Health Aside from physical health, many people also had worries regarding their mental wellbeing—we all experienced anxiety over safety, isolation, and uncertainty. The main concern on everyone’s mind was over their protection. During the first months of the pandemic, everyone did not have that much information about the virus. Knowing how to keep oneself safe…

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    Labor Issues: Minimum Wage Misconceptions

    There has been a debate on the 2019 labor event about the increase of laborers’ minimum wage. The information is filled with misinformation and confusion. Let’s try to enumerate what are the truths to that. Source: pexels.com You might think that most hourly workers receive a minimum wage, but they don’t. Honestly, less than 50% of these hourly workers only earn the federal minimum wage. And in some unfortunate instances, the percentage of those individuals earning less is increasing from some time now. Another misconception is that not all states provide workers with minimum wage. That is even though the law requires all them to comply with federal minimum wage policy. Sadly,…

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    Simple Ways To Help Your Community Amid The Pandemic

    Source: unsplash.com In a time of physical isolation, coming together to help is crucial to the stability of our local communities. As the pandemic continues, we can see that some communities need help and support more than others. Of course, the best way to help your local community is to follow the local guidelines and maintain social distancing. But you can still support your community and other people in substantial ways. It may seem complicated, but there are plenty of ways to give support to other people in this trying time. It can be in the form of sharing monetary gifts or a simple helping hand. You can help your…

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    Unionism’s Founding Principles

    The 2018 workers union conference managed to get in touch with people’s fighting spirits. It has been the biggest gathering of activists, center leaders, and union officials that benefit in understanding the fundamentals of unionism. The goal of the conference is to adhere to the impact of development issues on trade and union. And since the whole approach targets the economic response, a lot has been discussed. Source: flickr.com The conference held a face-to-face meeting with other representatives of industries. All of them shared insights and tactics to campaign for winning contracts. They also discussed beating apathy, as well as understanding the technological economy. But most of all, they emphasized on providing…

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    The Reality In People’s Rejected Job Application

    Looking for a job is a very stressful thing to do. It requires a lot of time, effort, money, and perseverance. We cannot just tell ourselves that we don’t need it because we know it is a necessity to have. For some, it means an obligation. With that, we try our best to land for the best position we believe fits for us. We consider our jobs as something that supports our growth, as well as assist our needs. But this article is not about the benefits of having one. I am going to talk about the reality of why some of our job applications end up getting rejected. Sherrie…

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    Ways You Can Make A Difference For The Community

    Finding your sense of purpose for the community is essential. It is where you can live life to the fullest and helping others at the same time. The goal will be providing other people with the better assistance they need, especially for those unfortunate ones. Not only your positive actions will benefit the community, but also increase personal growth and development too. So what are the ways that you can consider to ensure a contribution to the betterment of the community? Volunteering – Volunteering is an act of selflessness. It is where you put passion in helping people who need support. Yes, your time is valuable. But if you use…

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    Common Problems That Affect Every Community (The Major Ones)

    We deal with waste disposal, drugs and violence, child and domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, as well as instant emergency medical assistance in our community. But aside from that, there are more far worse problems that we experience, but often ignore. Perhaps that is because we get used to seeing things the way they are that we do not find time to consider changes. We are so ignorant of our community needs that we forget to use our ability to help its development. We tend to be so selfish only to look out for ourselves and never consider lending a helping hand. Poverty Just because people are less fortunate, we assume…

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    Common Problems That Affect Every Community

    There are a lot of problems that every community faces, and the people in it are giving their most suitable ability to cope up with the environment’s constant changes. There is an analyzation of how each of us can help and contribute to its betterment.  Therefore, we must take notice of the things the community requires instant resolution. I understand that some of the problems it has cannot be changed overnight. But the process of changing little things is always a good start. Increased Plastic Waste Often, people do not see how damaging it is for the community when there is an increase in plastic consumption. Every day, we contribute…

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    Low-Paid Workers And Their Mental Health Issues

    A recent study shows that employees with low pay are more paranoid and also cautious around their workspace, which causes them anxiety. This is because the managers who take advantage of their higher positions and treat the employees under them differently. “The specific points of comparison may vary, but are often socially-sanctioned markers of success, especially material markers,” wrote Julian Humphreys, Ph.D., PCC. “Although our rational minds may chastise us for these petty comparisons, our anxiety on hearing that a colleague just got a promotion (and we didn’t) is inevitable.” A study was also conducted, and the gathered data was from 4,000 UK workers with different jobs and positions in…

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    Stress Of The Unemployed: I Lost My Job! What To Do?

    Losing a job can take a toll on your physical health and mental well-being. It is hard to deal with this and tough to start over again. Looking for a new job and coming back with negative results can give you feelings of self-doubt and you will question yourself if you are not good enough to find work. This is a “psychology of the mind” problem.