I have had the privilege of meeting many outstanding people in my career as an advocate, nurse and administrator working in the Commonwealth for over 30 years.  Dr. Dawn Adams is a person at the top of that list.  She has been a visionary in the establishment of integrated programs and respectful services for vulnerable populations across the state. She has a true understanding and passion for improving and impacting lives in a positive way. Dr. Adams demonstrates an  exceptional understanding of how processes for true change can be established and implemented.

She is passionate and works tirelessly to promote communities, people, health and  to afford all people the ability to live a meaningful and full life. Her honesty, dedication, and steadfast loyalty to others are some of her most outstanding qualities. But how these play out in every day life are what truly inspire others.  She is quick to forgive, will let you know all of the reasons a decision is made, solicits information, opinions from others and uses them in her decision making.  She will go out of her way to help others and inspires others to do their very best. I truly believe she will make a positive impact if given the chance to influence government as a delegate and will serve her constituents well.