“In November 2010, I began working with Dawn Adams having been freshly graduated from nursing school. Dr. Adams, was the epitome of what I wanted to become. She held high standards for her practice and valued quality care for the patients. During my time working with her, she had a demanding patient load while simultaneously pursuing, and obtaining, her doctorate  degree.

I was fortunate enough to “shadow” her to see if becoming a nurse practitioner is what I truly wanted to do. Behind the scenes, I saw how taxing and stressful being a hospitalist Nurse Practitioner can be. It was then I  truly realized her passion and dedication to her career. Dr. Adams treated every patient with dignity and respect.  She went above and beyond her call of duty to ensure all patients received the best medical care. She made me believe in myself; and help build me into a stronger more seasoned nurse. If not for her honesty, education, passion, and caring, I would not be the nurse I am today.

Now I am  pursuing my degree to become a Nurse Practitioner. I am thankful I got to work beside one of the best.  One day,  I hope to be the same inspiration to someone else, that Dr. Adams was, and still is, for me. She is a strong leader, a great advocate, and driven to help those in need. These are all characteristics that make her a wonderful Nurse Practitioner and candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates.”