Dr. Dawn M. Adams holds a life-long passion for helping people achieve what each of us most desire from life: secure and healthy lives for ourselves and our families. Over her years as a resident of District 68 and as a nurse in Virginia’s healthcare system, Dawn has witnessed first-hand the struggles and heartbreak caused by poverty, inadequate living conditions, and limited healthcare access and coverage. As your Delegate, Dawn will work tirelessly to ensure that members of this community and that all Virginians achieve these basic and important goals.

Increase Access to Affordable Healthcare
After a 30-year career as a healthcare provider and educator in Virginia, Dawn understands the importance of investing in healthcare access. Just this year, Virginias General Assembly decided, once again, to limit Medicaid expansion and deny over 400,000 Virginians access to healthcare1,600 of which are residents of the 68th District. In contrast, if Virginia legislators voted to expand Medicaid, our community would be stimulated with $6.8M dollars each day to cover the cost of providing Virginians with adequate healthcare. Medicaid expansion would also generate more than 30,000 jobs in our community. It is fiscally irresponsible and morally reprehensible for our elected representatives to side-step public policy that concerns our health and harms our community.


As your delegate, Dawn will work to expand Medicaid access for all Virginians who are in desperate need. Dawn will champion womens reproductive health and support funding for critical medical resources such as Planned Parenthood. Together, we can build a healthier community.
Improve Education

The American dream is built on helping the next generation do better – access to quality education leads to stronger job opportunities. Dawn worked to achieve that dream with the help of her family, hard work and the Virginia public school and university system. Dawn wants to ensure that the opportunity to succeed is available to every Virginian and this can only be made possible with fully funded public schools, trade schools and universities. Students who graduate with crippling student debt cannot buy homes or pursue their dreams of opening a new business. Teacher pay in Virginia lags behind the national average, preventing our schools from recruiting the best teachers. Our schools are overcrowded, underfunded and working with outdated technology. Our students and communities deserve better, and our future requires better.

Dawn will work to fund schools, pay teachers fairly, and reduce the debt of students attending Virginias public universities and trade schools.

Support Working Virginians
America is at a crossroads and faces a tough choice develop specialized skills or accept low wages. Attracting high paying jobs to our community now and in the future requires a workforce that has the skills to meet employers needs. By creating healthy communities, funding our public school system, and ensuring our graduates arent strangled by debt, we can assure that our community continues to thrive. Those who have seen their jobs move or disappear face a similar, difficult choice. Unemployment and skills retraining benefits have fallen short.


Dawn will strive to fund job retraining, expand employment opportunities, attract new business to our community, and ensure Virginians are paid a fair wage for their work.
Expand Civil Liberties for All Virginians
In 2015, the Supreme Court ruled that the protections of marriage apply equally to all, but now those protections are under attack and must be defended. As a member of the LGBTQ community, Dawn will work for a Virginia government that protects the rights of its citizens, instead of rolling them back. She will support anti-discrimination legislation for all marginalized communities across the Commonwealth.


Dawn promises to reach out to communities who are often excluded from decision-making and involve those who are often not heard. By including all members of our community, we can elicit positive change that represents all of us equally. 
Protect the Environment
Repeatedly we have seen the current administration cast science aside in favor of harmful environmental practices that are guaranteed to harm our planet.  By investing in and encouraging clean energy practices instead of relying on outdated and harmful fossil fuels, Virginia will see an increase in job opportunities and a decrease in chronic health conditions such as asthma and allergies.


In office, Dawn will push for comprehensive city infrastructure, a clean James River, and renewable energy resources to protect our planet. Dawn understands that healthy communities start with the environment around them.