Dr. Dawn M. Adams holds a life-long passion for helping people achieve what each of us most desire from life: secure and healthy lives for ourselves and our families. Over her years as a resident of District 68 and as a nurse in Virginia’s healthcare system, Dawn has witnessed first-hand the struggles and heartbreak caused by poverty, inadequate living conditions, and limited healthcare access and coverage. As your Delegate, Dawn will work tirelessly to ensure that members of this community and that all Virginians achieve these basic and important goals.


Healthcare coverage for all just makes sense. We can provide lower cost care to more people, addressing the opioid crisis, providing more comprehensive mental healthcare, and ensuring that all citizens receive the preventative medical and dental care that will keep them healthy while reducing the costs associated with chronic illness, and Emergency Department utilization for minor illnesses. The issues we face in Virginia are not unique to our state, but we can improve how we care for one another. No one wants to see people sick, hurting, or dying. The fact is health is our most important asset. It is plain common sense to do what we can to keep people well. In Virginia, we are fortunate to have so many resources at our disposal. Did you know that Virginia is the 8th richest state in the nation but ranks 47-49th in how we provide health related services? We can do better!


All children deserve a good education. Education is the foundation from which children can dream and young people can aspire to be the person they were meant to become.  Strong public school education creates strong adults. Teachers are critical to the success or failure of our students. We need to ensure that they have freedom in the class to teach their students in ways that make sense for their students. We need to pay teachers fairly and provide them resources and supports to keep students engaged and in the classroom. We need to re-assess the funding formula for schools so that the burden of financing our schools falls not to the locality but is provided by the Commonwealth in accordance with our Constitution. We also need to work toward creating ways to eliminate the crippling burden of student debt that will allow young adults to leave home and start a life of their own.

Working Virginians

In Virginia we are fortunate to have a relatively low unemployment rate. But there is much work to be done to create good paying jobs and ensure that second career Virginians have the opportunity to use their skills in new ways. By creating healthy communities, funding our public school system, and ensuring our graduates aren’t strangled by debt, we can ensure that our community continues to thrive. Those who have seen their jobs move or disappear must be re-trained, and Virginia must lead the way in the type of job growth that will sustain our future and not wait for a forced hand. We can create jobs to support the projected workforce shortage in healthcare, rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, install state-wide broadband and develop more jobs to meet our energy needs such as solar and wind power installation.

Civil Liberties

2016 has ushered in a new concern for civil liberties.  We cannot let fear and misunderstanding drive backward the protections and security of marginalized communities. Whether members of the LGBTQ community or members of the immigrant community we must remember that this is America. This is the country that made our ancestors long for the freedom of life liberty and pursuit of happiness that would afford them opportunity and a shot at the American Dream. There can be no freedom for any of us, if there is not freedom for all of us.


Virginia is home to some of the most beautiful country in the world. We are surrounded by the pristine splendor of our mountains, green forests, expansive ocean and beautiful array of lakes streams and rivers. We must keep the protections that afford our kids and families the opportunity to drink clean water, breathe fresh air, and play in green spaces free from debris and contamination. We are fortunate in our district to have the James River run through our backyards, we must continue to keep this scenic resource open for recreation and clean for use.


Virginia’s 68th District lines have often been described by a former candidate as resembling a “sleeping moose.” Our district, like many districts in Virginia, suffers from a self-selection problem. This means politicians, from both parties, have deliberately defined district lines in order to help them become, and remain, elected. This practice of gerrymandering corrupts the ideal that state districts must be representative of equal populations. As advocated by Virginia 2021, I support the creation of an independent and impartial commission tasked with drawing district lines that capture the true makeup of our communities. Additionally, I believe that for this commission to be effective, it must complete its work in a wholly transparent and honest manner.

Public Protections

When our federal agencies implement strong public policy to ensure its citizens are protected from the greed or short cutting of big businesses, it is called regulation. Appropriate corporate regulation can positively influence our economy, our environment, our health care and more. However, over regulation can stifle innovation and hurt our community. As delegate, I aim to find the right balance between maximum impact and minimum waste when applying regulations on local and large-scale corporations. By establishing the proper balance on corporate regulations, we are able to protect both ourselves and our community while enabling businesses to thrive.