Things That Harm Your Teens’ Mental Health That You Don’t Notice Often

If you are a parent with teens, it is often common to complain about their invalidating behavior. Sometimes, you feel they are unreasonable because of the rebellious things they do that somehow impact their overall health and affect other people’s lives. You either judge them because of their consistent mistakes or ignore them because you are used to their antics. But before assuming that your teens are behaving negatively, have you tried asking yourself that perhaps you had something to do with it? Have you ever thought about looking at things from a different perspective where you put your shoes in theirs?


Understandably, teenagers are known to have different kinds of emotions. That is because they are on the stage of adjustments. They are processing the difference between fantasy and reality. With that, they sometimes mixed things up in their heads without realizing that it is affecting them. That explains why they often have a different view of the world. They are trying to fit in, and they want the people around them to recognize their worth. However, their attempt to live their lives to the fullest sometimes puts them in unfavorable situations. Thus, they create mistakes and bad decisions in life. As a parent, you should recognize the things that harm your teens’ mental health, and here are some that you should look out for.


Teens’ Intimate Relationships

You understand that teens nowadays are vocal when it comes to their intimate relationship with the opposite sex. For others, it is a good thing because they get to feel the child-parent connection. But for those parents who find it too early for their teens to engage in relationships, they are solely against it. That is because they are afraid of the consequences of their kids’ bad relationship decisions. These include dealing with early pregnancy, having bad influenced social connections, engaging in drugs and alcohol, and sexual addiction associated with premarital sex.

Ironically, even if you are against it at tried a couple of times to find reasons for your kids to avoid it, you end up accepting the situation. Two possible things can explain that. One is because you are afraid to hurt your teens’ feelings that you allow them to do whatever they want despite the potential consequences of physically, emotionally, and mentally hurting themselves. You become too concerned about their emotional aspect that you can’t set limits and boundaries. The second possible reason is that you don’t want your kids’ to retaliate. You become too weak to tell them they are wrong because you are scared that they might prove you wrong. And as a parent, it can cause an insult to you that can lead to your mental and emotional destruction.


Social Media Influence

In today’s generation, teens are hooked with technology, especially social media. It becomes their haven of freedom and expression. It is the new world that teenagers nowadays think could support, believe, and understand them. It becomes the basis of their standards in life. But of course, as their parent, you know better. You know how dangerous social media can be for your kids because of the wide variety of negative impacts. There is pornography, violence, abuse, bullying, drugs, alcohol, and everything in between. But despite knowing these, you still allow your teens to have unlimited access to the internet because:

  1. You don’t have much choice. Almost everything in the world right now revolves around the internet. It is the fastest way to learn anything. So keeping your kids away from it will somehow create a drawback in your teens’ life as well. Of course, not all things on the internet is correct. But that is the point. Your teens can use their own judgment to understand if what they get on the internet is useful or not.
  2. You are also a user yourself. Keeping your kids away from social media is a tough thing to do, especially if you are also spending too much time on it. Teenagers might use that as a valid reason not to listen to you or disobey your rules about limiting internet usage. That particular thing can be very disappointing not only from your teens’ point of view but to yours as well.


Things To Remember

These two are significant reasons for teenage mental health distraction. But you should recognize that these two are not the only ones that can affect them. Other things, such as financial status, environment, upbringing, and family relations, can become a source of negative impact. Thus, being a parent, you must understand the importance of talking to your children. You need to understand not only their emotional needs but go deep into their mental health as well. Do not also assume that because they are your kids, you can automatically read between the lines.

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