Simple Ways To Help Your Community Amid The Pandemic


In a time of physical isolation, coming together to help is crucial to the stability of our local communities. As the pandemic continues, we can see that some communities need help and support more than others. Of course, the best way to help your local community is to follow the local guidelines and maintain social distancing. But you can still support your community and other people in substantial ways.

It may seem complicated, but there are plenty of ways to give support to other people in this trying time. It can be in the form of sharing monetary gifts or a simple helping hand. You can help your friends and loved ones, less fortunate people, healthcare workers, and the frontlines in your way.

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of simple ways to help your community amid the pandemic. 

Support Essential Workers


Unlike most of us who are staying and working at home or on leave, essential workers in the frontlines continue to show up at their workplace. Healthcare personnel, security personnel, restaurant drive-thru staff, supermarket staff, delivery drivers, social workers continue to work for our communities’ benefit. 

Right now, they are most in need of fortified and healthy food to nourish them amid this crisis. There are some volunteer and nonprofit groups which do fundraisers to feed workers in the frontlines. By donating meals, you will also be able to support local restaurants in your community.

Moreover, for medical workers, one of the most critical problems presently is the shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE). PPEs include face masks, gowns, face shields, and gloves. It keeps healthcare workers safe while treating patients.

If your company has the means to supply PPEs to medical personnel, it can be of great help to them. If there’s none, financial donations to the local hospital can help them in purchasing these PPEs. Contact your community hospitals and clinics to find out where supplies are most urgently needed.

Join Volunteer Groups

Several volunteer groups help the less fortunate who are most in need that you can join. These organizations usually always seek volunteers and assign them to nearby communities that have the most urgent need.

Some of the activities volunteer groups do are packing and organizing groceries and sending them to local food banks. These are for elderly facilities, homeless people, and those affected most by this crisis.

Volunteering is not only a means for you to help other people; it also enables you to ease your anxiety and relieve stress. “Volunteering helps counteract the effects of stress, anger, and anxiety,” wrote Jeanne Segal, Ph.D. “Nothing relieves stress better than a meaningful connection to another person.”

However, make sure that you’re aware of your local and state social distancing policy and guidelines before visiting any community. By doing so, you can prevent putting people at further risk of contracting any illnesses.



If it is not possible to engage in volunteering, many volunteer organizations will gladly accept financial donations. Find reputable organizations and local food backs that will welcome donations in the form of food, necessities, and monetary donation. 

There are also online communities that do fundraisers to extend support to people who are most in need. Here, you can also stay informed of the needs of your community and what help you can offer.

In addition to that, you can donate blood to nearby blood banks and hospitals if your situation permits. By giving your blood, you can help save a lot of people’s lives amid this crisis we are facing.

Support Local Restaurants

Since most restaurants serve only takeout food now, businesses have felt the impact of the outbreak. This way helps prevent the further spread of the virus since restaurants and diners are places always packed with people. However, this leaves restaurant owners struggling to pay bills. Since they have no means of income generation, it also puts the employment of their staff at a pedestal.

As a part of your community, you can help local restaurants by patronizing them in any way you can. You can order takeout or call for food delivery (if available). And as mentioned earlier, if you’re donating meals, you can opt to order from local restaurants and hit two birds in one.



Our local communities are impacted heavily by the pandemic. Right now, we can’t continue our ordinary lives. Coming together to support the people of your community is a great way to keep their spirits high. In your way, you can make an effort to help people during this time while still following the social distancing policy. Together, we can move forwards towards a healed future.


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