The Reality In People’s Rejected Job Application


Looking for a job is a very stressful thing to do. It requires a lot of time, effort, money, and perseverance. We cannot just tell ourselves that we don’t need it because we know it is a necessity to have. For some, it means an obligation. With that, we try our best to land for the best position we believe fits for us. We consider our jobs as something that supports our growth, as well as assist our needs. But this article is not about the benefits of having one. I am going to talk about the reality of why some of our job applications end up getting rejected. Sherrie Carter PsyD notes “You can’t control whether an employer will hire you, but you can control how you present yourself to that employer to increase your chances of being hired.”

We Offer Too Many Things On The Table

Yes, the edge of landing a job indeed requires a lot of experience. However, in most reasons for rejection, offering too many things on the table is sometimes not an advantage. That is because some companies believe that when we are extremely capable of doing everything, it becomes a threat. That instead of thinking about it as beneficial, they see it as potential damage to what appears already established. No, I am not saying that all business companies are feeling the same way. But almost a considerable percentage of them do not want an individual with too much experience in hand. That is contrary to the belief that the most experienced individual often gets the job. As much as possible, companies would want to hire a person that knows a little of something and allow that individual to grow and develop with them.


We Are Too Confident And Overwhelming

You might disagree with me, but being confident is not enough to land a particular job. Most instances, it puts us in a difficult situation, especially when companies are looking for humility in an attitude. Even if we feel we have all the necessary experience for the job, sometimes the people who we think are not worthy are the ones that get it. Why? That is because we feel over-confident that we disregarded creating a connection with the company’s vision and mission, and focus only on ourselves. We think we are invincible in terms of possible flaws. According to Romeo Vitelli Ph.D. ,“At this point, what initially seemed difficult appears much easier than originally feared. This is when the overconfidence kicks in and beginners become unconscious incompetents.”  With that, the company’s envisioned future of us working with them tends to go down in an instant.


We Didn’t Hit That “X-Factor”

Say we got that needed humility and enough knowledge for the job. But still, we end up not getting it. That is because we did not hit that X-factor. It is not something people know, though. Honestly, that particular thing does not exist. But what makes it more convincing to be true is the idea of “whatever.” That despite the lack of skills, less experienced, and little-to-no confidence, the company feels the need to want someone like us. It is as if they know what we are capable of even before they hire us for the position.

Honestly, it is sometimes not about being qualified or unqualified for the job. Chances are, we land a job based on these three particular things. I’m not saying you should agree. But think about it. Katharine Brooks EdD reminds people looking jobs “Learn what you can, change what you should, and then let it go and move on to the next opportunity.”

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