Common Problems That Affect Every Community (The Major Ones)

We deal with waste disposal, drugs and violence, child and domestic abuse, teen pregnancy, as well as instant emergency medical assistance in our community. But aside from that, there are more far worse problems that we experience, but often ignore. Perhaps that is because we get used to seeing things the way they are that we do not find time to consider changes. We are so ignorant of our community needs that we forget to use our ability to help its development. We tend to be so selfish only to look out for ourselves and never consider lending a helping hand.



Just because people are less fortunate, we assume that they deserve life because they lack the motivation to work on their dreams. However, what we do not often see is how the community treats them differently. Some poor people suffer from inequality, and that is the reason why they cannot find an appropriate job. In all honesty, no one tends to trust them even if they are capable of doing so many things. John D. Rich, Jr., Ph.D. points out, “People who have inadequate resources are more likely to battle with depression and anxiety, and to feel constant assaults to their self-esteem as they compare themselves to other people who are more successful.” 

We are so judgmental that we always look at these less unfortunate individuals as someone who only takes advantage of the few. But is that entirely it? Perhaps we have to think about how we can help the less unfortunate ones instead of condemning them for being stuck in their situations. Besides, that is what communities do – help people.



Admit it. Although the local government in the community implies laws concerning discrimination, not all of us can follow restrictions. Some are still enjoying the harshness of discriminating against other people with their age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. Why? Perhaps that is because some consider it as their principle in life. That no matter the situation is, these entitled individuals put themselves above others.

Discrimination is a community issue because it hinders some people from reaching out to everyone who needs help. It is as if the world only revolves with those who can give, but not around those who need assistance. “The urgent problem is that they should need to—that a significant percentage of Americans reports living in a “heightened state of vigilance,” including not feeling able to leave home each day without mentally preparing for the insults of others,” Christopher Lane Ph.D. says. It is a shame that many people focus more on personal growth instead of community buildup. That is something that needs to change.


Access To Healthcare System

Yes, as much as we like to believe that the healthcare system is doing its job, it is not. The healthcare system until today is still a community issue because of its unaffordability, inequality, and lack of complete services. Healthcare is people’s primary need for survival. So without its proper assistance, one could end up serenely ill or dead. “Major killers of our population, such as depression and anxiety, are a secondary focus of the present system. And the treatments we provide can make things worse,” Ron Breazeale Ph.D. wrote.

All individuals must have access to the healthcare system. It is the only way people in the community can maintain health, reduce unnecessary disability, prevent diseases, and manage symptoms of severe illnesses. The community’s healthcare should focus on achieving health equity for all. 

These are the most underrated issues that our community is facing almost every day. Honestly, we are the ones to blame for that because we don’t take time to notice these. Since they are so prevalent in our lives, we assume they can never change course.

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