Common Problems That Affect Every Community

There are a lot of problems that every community faces, and the people in it are giving their most suitable ability to cope up with the environment’s constant changes. There is an analyzation of how each of us can help and contribute to its betterment.  Therefore, we must take notice of the things the community requires instant resolution. I understand that some of the problems it has cannot be changed overnight. But the process of changing little things is always a good start.


Increased Plastic Waste

Often, people do not see how damaging it is for the community when there is an increase in plastic consumption. Every day, we contribute to its growth by using single-use plastic for almost everything. There is no consideration. It becomes a public matter because the plastics we use are not helping the environment at all. Instead, it damages the whole planet. It takes a long time to get destroyed, and we are talking about decades.

Drug Abuse

The community shatters when there is rampant drug abuse. There is increased criminal activity and violence. In some unfortunate events, it correlates significantly to a lack of understanding due to its impractical reasons for consumption. People often excuse themselves for using it by implying poverty, ignorance, shelter and food issues, and others.


Teen Pregnancy

There are so many misconceptions about this community issue. Some people think that this generation should be exempted from the current increased in teen pregnancy. A lot of us consider this phenomenon as ordinary and should not be taken as a big deal. However, dealing with the number of babies thrown everywhere, and the required support teens need for their lives, it is guaranteed a public matter.

Child Abuse

It is a shared community problem that pretty much does not have a reliable solution. Perhaps that is because most child violence happens in secret. Kids are not fully aware of what is going on, so when adults take advantage of them, they cannot handle it. Therefore, the community should be responsible for keeping the children safe and healthy at all costs.


Domestic Violence

Same as child abuse, domestic violence is also a community issue. It is not something that we should look forward to as a typical scenario of individuals having a family, marital, or personal matter. The community is responsible for handling domestic issues that could turn into something damaging. Not only for the couple involved but also to the children trying their best to understand the implications of violence.

Emergency Medical Services

Yes, there are a lot of hospitals and clinics that help us with our medical needs. However, the community faces issues in emergency services. That is because not all provide quality service and instant response to those less unfortunate individuals. We can conclude that the medical services up until now still vary in people’s capability to pay for a desirable amount.

The community is the source of every person’s overall health foundation. That is why we must take even a little step to make things right for it.

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