Low-Paid Workers And Their Mental Health Issues


A recent study shows that employees with low pay are more paranoid and also cautious around their workspace, which causes them anxiety. This is because the managers who take advantage of their higher positions and treat the employees under them differently. A study was also conducted, and the gathered data was from 4,000 UK workers with different jobs and positions in the age group of 16-65. The data shows worrying results of mental health problems among the lower paid positions. Even therapists who assist people with issues would agree to this. 

Low-paid workers are prone to develop serious mental health problems like Paranoid Personality Disorder and Avoidant Personality Disorder. Almost everyone who participated in the study shows signs of having a mental health problem. 19% showed signs of depression, 15% had suicidal tendencies, 10% developed paranoia, 7% displayed signs of psychotic behaviors, and 4% experienced hallucinations. This is alarming for these are low-paid workers who cannot afford treatment for their mental health problems.

A person’s low income dramatically affects their overall physical and mental health. The thought of having to pay bills and buy their needs can give a person stress and anxiety, especially when they struggle to make ends meet. 

Even employees who are not diagnosed can still display signs of mental illness. Many employees whom we assessed are struggling with mental health problems. 38% of the workers show signs of irritability, 34% are always tired, 19% are displaying symptoms of depression, and 18% already have anxiety. 

Having a low income has many problems with it and being in the lower ranks of the workplace can lead to stress because of strict working schedules, insecurity, poor pay, and promotion. These are all the factors that can affect a person’s health and sadly, is established by the organization itself. 

These symptoms may not be a sign that a person has mental health problems, but exposure to stress and anxiety over a long period can lead to severe problems and psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, these mental health issues are not being addressed by companies and organizations.


 What Are The Causes? 

To find out if the workplace is the cause of mental health problems with workers, research has been conducted by specialists.

This study shows abusive supervision where the boss or manager doesn’t treat his employees the right way and use his position to show hostility, whether verbal or non-verbal. They say degrading, and humiliating things and this can cause low self-esteem and anxiety to the employee. 

This kind of behavior from the heads of the workplace also causes paranoia to their employees. The fact that their bosses can be abusive can lead to them over thinking and having no confidence in their job and skills. 

An abusive boss can create a toxic environment in the workplace that causes misbehavior from the employees. Stealing and bad commenting on anything can lead to more toxic traits that then leads to a stressful working environment and ultimately, physical and mental health problems of the employees.

How Should We Avoid This?

Being a boss does not mean you get to be mean to your employees. Even the low-paid workers are supposed to be treated with kindness and respect. All their work are what’s holding the company together, and if they feel abused in any way, they can ally and bring down the organization with them.

As employees, you have to make your workplace mentally healthy so you can perform well. You cannot work correctly and do your best if you are stressed and full of anxiety. We cannot control how a boss treats us, but we can still control the environment we’re in – make a choice.



If a workplace is so toxic that you cannot stand it, maybe it’s time to look for another job. Money is essential, but you need to take care of your overall well-being. You cannot work if you have physical and mental health problems, and this will only add to the bills you need to pay.

Health is wealth, so if you still have options regarding work, make sure you put some effort into thinking about it. At this age, you need to keep yourself in check, or else you may fall apart, and what for? A toxic job?

Remember, there are still other jobs out there, and you are entitled to leave a workplace that pays low and gives you additional problems. In time, you will find that job that gives you peace of mind even if the pay is not high enough, at least your physical and mental health is excellent. It is not selfish to think about yourself and to take care of yourself. 

Now, if you are in the right place, perform at your best so you can stay with the career that you love and to a work environment where you are valued. 

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