The 2015 Vancouver Elderly Healthcare Forum: Seniors Aren’t Just Patients

Healthcare for all, especially for seniors, was discussed at the 2015 Vancouver Elderly Healthcare Forum. It was attended by more than 50 participants, mostly seniors. It aimed to convey to the community that their issues about health are heard. The seniors in the whole province were also encouraged to voice their concerns so that appropriate action can be done for them.


Additionally, emphasis was also placed upon plans of creating community activities and services geared towards the elderly before they even land in the hospital. Some of these elders are separated from their partners because of the lack of space in care homes. Others voiced their complaints about quick turnovers on healthcare providers in their care homes, having been treated by different providers in a year. This is not good particularly for dementia and Alzheimer’s seniors who need to establish trust before showing cooperation.

The senior population all over the worldwide is continually rising, and it is only appropriate that they are provided sufficient services and privileges they deserve. Here is a list of some of these privileges, discounts, and exemptions.

  1. Financial assistance. Seniors who are not eligible for pension such as GIS need money to buy for their needs. They are also eligible for this if they are supporting a spouse or children. Those who are between 60 and 64, however, are still expected to look for a job that is suitable for their age.
  2. Discounts on public transportation fares. This applies to all public vehicles such as the taxi, train, and shuttle service.
  3. Shelter assistance for senior renters. The government should pay for the monthly shelter payments of seniors above 60 years old. This is only eligible, however, to those who are staying in their own home or a trailer (manufactured home).
  4. Medical services. Assistance is provided by the federal government for pharmaceuticals, laboratory tests, x-rays, imaging procedures, and dental and optical services.


The elderly population is a significant part of what makes every community. They should be taken care of not because they are fragile but because they have every right to be.


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