4 Ways To Not Become A Racist


What do small communities usually look like?

Well, every family goes to the same church every Sunday. The kids study at the same elementary or high school that their parents or grandparents attended back then. Assuming the town is too far from almost everything, it is highly probable for them not to marry outside of the community. Hence, you may only have a single ethnic group living in that area.

Despite that, there may still be times when you see people from another race relocate in places where they instantly become a part of the minority. For instance, a White family decides to live in the Chinatown. A Korean couple may also move to a district where everyone is of Hispanic or African descent.

As a member of the majority, therefore, what can you do to make sure that you never seem like a racist, accidental or not?

  1. Welcome The Newcomers Warmly

The first thing you may do is introduce yourself to your new neighbors in person. It is nice to say hi to them on the streets, but they may feel more welcome once you go to their home and bring a housewarming present to them. It does not have to be very expensive – it can merely be a casserole or a fresh batch of cookies that you made. What matters is that they know that you went out of your way to make them feel comfortable in the neighborhood.

  1. Avoid Talking About Others By Skin Color

Although we are all aware of the adverse effects of racial segregation, sometimes, it’s easy to slip up and pertain to somebody based on their complexion. You might utter phrases like “that Black kid in my daughter’s class” or “the yellow people living next door.” In your brain, you only said that as a way of letting others understand whom you are talking about. However, what you do not realize is that you already sound like a racist by speaking in that manner. To avoid complications and misunderstandings, therefore, try to talk about a person without mentioning their skin color.

  1. Learn About Their Culture

As a sign of respect to the newcomers in town, you should avoid assuming what they may like or don’t like according to what you have seen in movies or TV shows. It is vital to real about their culture from textbooks or, if possible, visit places where they once lived. Aside from that, these individuals may appreciate you better if you show genuine interest in understanding their way of living and asking questions without prejudice.

  1. Be Kind At All Times

Finally, your helping hand should not only extend to people who think and look like you. It has to be available for everyone who may need it, regardless of their beliefs and culture. Say, in case you are an Asian and your White neighbors require help in moving their furniture; it won’t hurt to offer assistance. If you throw a party at home and all the families in your little community are coming over, it is common courtesy to invite your new neighbors as well and welcome them in your midst. Considering you need help anytime in the future, these folks won’t hesitate to come to your aid.

Final Thoughts

With the world being inhabited by millions of people, it is rare to find a community in which there isn’t a family or two that looks different from the rest. They may have migrated there from another country, or they merely want to raise their children in that part of the town. Either way, you should make them feel welcome and understand their way of living so that you don’t end up looking like a racist.

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